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And we want to prove this thing by presenting you this model. With a SureFire fuel delivery system and a generous 16” cutting width, we are proud to include this trimmer on our list. For excellent cutting results, the trimmer comes equipped with a Tap’N Go head. Due to its SureFire 25cc 2-cycle gas engine, this is one of the most powerful models out there. Besides that, it is a multi-functional tool that comes with a Pro-Link attachment system that includes multiple attachments. However, it doesn’t include the blower, edger or brush-cutter.

It is essential to warm up the engine before heading out for trimming. Also, make sure that it is at an average temperature before going on the field. In the case of gas-powered weed eaters, you should also clean the carburetor and inspect any defaults in the air filter alongside. Do consider handling the machine at average speed because it also helps to produce less vibration than usual. The best place, to begin with, is the user manual for adequately maintaining your weed eater.

Worx Tools

Therefore, as a rule, always check for a model with a safety guard fixed around its head. Also, make sure towear personal protectionwhile operating the trimmer. On the other hand, trimmers with straight shafts are considered a better option for taller users. Also, such models are usually more powerful and suitable for maintaining large areas.

  • Some trimmers, like the Sun Joe TRJ13STE, don’t have adjustable handles.
  • This is useful as you don’t have to keep bumping it or stop to change the feed spool.
  • If you have a wide lawn which needs you to keep the weeds downs constantly, then we recommend you to use a gas-powered trimmer.
  • However, a gas string trimmers line will always turn unless you have a centrifugal clutch.
  • It is propelled by a very powerful 40V MaxLithium battery which promises at least 30 minutes of active trimming with a two-hour charging time.
  • Attachment-capable trimmers, with Pro-Link, are designed to accept 6 optional attachments that make them even more versatile.
  • The cutting capacity of 10.25” is useful to cut any small to the mid-size garden.
  • They are also the most expensive to operate because of the cost of fuel, and their mechanical parts may need more maintenance or repair than other types of string trimmers.
  • The latter are quieter and more fuel efficient, have lower emissions, and run more smoothly but generally cost more than those with two-cycle engines.

vs. our #1 pick at 11 lbs, which can make a big difference if you’re still trimming after minutes or longer. The biggest hindrance to this trimmer is weight and ergonomics. While the Black+Decker tool weighs in at a very slim 6.8 pounds, Greenworks only managed 7.8, with a smaller battery, and with a drop in cutting power. If you’re dealing with household chores like trimming lawn edges and cutting weeds around flower beds, this trimmer does amazing work given how light it is.

Hitachi Cg23ecpsl Gas

It has a variable-speed trigger so that when you do hit a rough patch, you can kick up to high speed and tear the weeds down. A single-line system has high cutting force that can shear through most general weed-whacking work, and it’s surprisingly powerful. I’ve actually chipped the edge of concrete bricks with mine.

The one I presently work for is going on its second season or year. Last season when I decided to start up the lawn care business again I went shopping for equipment. Well, the Echo SRM-225 has the best feature you could ask for when it comes to a trimmer. When you run out of string you simply cut your new string off and align the trimmer’s nozzle head with some arrows built into the head. You then push the string through the head out the other side and pull the string from both ends of the head until it’s even.

But with the 25-minute runtime, it is suited to small projects. it’s not exactly light, but the Large wheels make maneuverability much easier. If you have a large lot or plan on durations of 60 min. or more for trimming, definitely consider this product. The Craftsman Gas Trimmer 30 cc 4-cycle engine meets emissions levels without sacrificing power, adding weight, or creating maintenance headaches. At less than seven pounds and with enough battery capacity to get you through a weekly trimming job, this is a great tool for urban lawn-care. Sadly, Ryobi’s lawn tools aren’t compatible with their cordless shop tools.

Call me a sucker for multi-use tools, but I like getting my money’s worth. When I see a unit like the Troy-Built with 10 attachments or this one, which comes with four, it catches my attention. This 26cc power pack can be used as a string trimmer, a brush cutter, a hedge trimmer, and a pole chainsaw, just by changing out the head. This is a heavy-duty unit, actually designed by the manufacturer more as a brush cutter, than a string trimmer.

Size Of Cutting Path

The trimmers that are equipped with straight shafts provide a better balance than curved models. Plus, the extra shaft length will put a distance between you and the trimmer. This way, the debris that will ricochet around the cut area won’t affect you. Most gardeners prefer this model as it can handle multiple tasks including cultivating, blowing, edging, trimming and so on. The curved shaft – Specially designed for trimming in hard-to-reach areas.

gas grass trimmer reviews

Getting some thicker extension cords through the cord retention slot isn’t always easy. Hi, I’m Sunny Kay, an avid gardener, home decorator and outdoor enthusiast. I help busy people get into gardening, create natural and good looking home decorations, and suggest outdoor activities and tools to explore the nature. Using the wrong type of charger may either overcharge the battery and destroy it or will not be powerful enough to charge fully. Properly read the instruction and user manual before operating the trimmer.

Why Having A Good Trimmer Is So Important

But, if cost is a major concern, you prefer something lightweight and do not mind the noise and hard start, the 2-cycle gas weed eater can still work for you. As you shop for the best 4-cycle gas weed eater it is always a great idea to first understand what sets it apart from the 2-cycle models. Also, knowing the pros and cons of each will make it easier to determine when to buy either of the two.

The charger has small red and green lights that tell the battery’s condition. When charging, the green light will blink until the battery is fully charged and the light becomes a solid green. The charger has an internal fan to keep from getting too warm while charging. The battery will hold its power for 30 days, so there’s no worry if it has been sitting for a while.

The air purge primer bulb allows you to get air from the carburetor and fuel system. You just pop the line out and push another package in to replace it. The POWERLOAD String Trimmer is much, much quieter than my gas trimmer and it also doesn’t vibrate my arms into numbness like the gas model does.

If you are looking at the 128C model you’ll find it has a special T25 bump trimmer head, a curved shaft and also an easily adjustable handle. It is our next best electric string trimmers by Black & Decker that operates on 6.5 amp of the powerful motor without even bumping or chances of stopping in between. It consists of an automatic feed system where you need not worry about feeding the line by bumping.

Other than that, the adjustable D-handle and slip-free design provide better ergonomics and operator comfort necessary for long grooming sessions. It also includes safety features like the debris shield mounted above the cutting head, protecting users from deflected dirt, rock, etc. As for its cutting path, it can deliver 17” wide swaths, which is undoubtedly great at this price point. Besides, it runs on a 31 cc full-crank shaft engine, meaning smooth operation with higher fuel efficiency. The Craftsman CMXGTAMD30SA String Trimmer is a powerful 30 cc 4-cycle model that combines superior ergonomics and cutting strength in one sleek package. So, if you’re looking to invest in an advanced machine that will keep your lawn or garden perfectly maintained, give this a shot.

The EGO Power+ 15” POWERLOAD String Trimmer Is a pleasure to use. The sturdy build quality, indestructible shaft and quiet brushless motor make this trimmer—dare I say it—fun to use. The EGO Power+ 15” POWERLOAD String Trimmer is just that—a trimmer. Mentally, I still call trimmers weed wackers, but I think that’s a brand name so “trimmer” it is. The EGO string trimmer is the latest in a line of trimmers EGO has produced.

Best String Trimmer For: Thick Weeds And Tall Growth

Our neighbor was an avid gardener, used to have all sorts of plants, and flowers in his the compound. In the 1970s, George Ballas constructed the first ever string trimmer. While at a car wash, George was intrigued by the way the spinning nylon brushes cleaned his car without damaging the finish. Batteries power these trimmers and run either on NiCad or lithium ion batteries. Most individuals since they are very portable and do not remove any fumes prefer these models. These models are also light in weight, usually weighing less than 10 pounds.

Grass weed wackers tend to have much higher torque and will blaze through jobs easily. However, the weight of the motor on top makes them top heavy and it takes practice to manage these. String trimmers are pretty simplistic, but there are a number of variations out there. Here’s the lowdown on some of the features out there to help you decide on the best string trimmer for your needs.

If you’d like to see the best “Replacement Trimmer heads” you can buy – check out our product review article here. We haven’t had any problems with our Ryobi battery yet, and we didn’t see the problem mentioned in the other major reviews, but we’ll update if gas grass trimmer reviews ours kicks the bucket. The Black+Decker – LST136W is the lightest trimmer we tested, and collapses neatly for easy storage. The universal trimmer strap from Arnold is basic, but it’s a huge relief to shift the weight of the trimmer onto your core muscles.

To minimize fatigue further this model comes with ant vibration system that reduces the vibration, allowing the user to use the machine for longer without much hand fatigue. Another great feature that comes with this model is the 69.6 inch lengthens that plays a major role in reducing fatigue from fatigue. Starting with the 22.5cc pure fire two-stroke engine, this model offers you with great performance while producing minimal emission. This is a great choice for individuals who are looking for a light model that they can carry for an extended time without any problem. However, this Rustler requires a little bit of maintenance to get top-notch performance.

Thicker lines hold up better, cutting more before they need to be replaced. They can cut through heavier grass or foliage without breaking. Ultimately, that makes the job easier, because you won’t have to be extending or replacing the line as often. They are similar to a commercial grade string trimmer but without the commercial price tag.

gas grass trimmer reviews

“An undersized cord will cause a drop in line voltage resulting in loss of power and overheating,” Howard explains. “When in doubt, use the next heavier gauge.” She says the letters WA on the cord jacket indicate a cord that is suitable for outdoor use. Regarding corded versus cordless trimmers, Howard feels they are comparable in terms of power. Corded trimmers are generally less expensive than battery-operated trimmers and are easy to maintain, but they have less mobility.

It is versatile and provides value to the lawn with adjustable head and shaft. This weed eater is the most lightweight weighing about 7.5 pounds only. It further has a rotatable head that rotates around when you touch a button.

gas grass trimmer reviews

Do you want a powerful string trimmer with unlimited run time? The Greenworks has an impressive 10-amp motor and substantial 18-inch cutting path. This is sufficient for large lawns and will quite easily cut through most thick weeds.

You won’t get much more than 20 minutes of work done on one charge and that will be a non-starter for some. With so little to choose between the two, you really can’t go wrong with purchasing either one of these products. Since we had to pick a winner, on this occasion we went with the Husqvarna 115iL. It really came down to its slight larger cutting deck. Probably because of my dumbness, I took hedging scissors and decided to cut the grass.


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