How To Buy Sponge Crypto Token V1 And V2 Upgrade

The card payment feature is provided by a web3 payment on-ramp provider. Fees here can be slightly higher depending on the payment gateway rates for the exchange. When you buy V1 tokens, they will automatically be sent to the staking pool. You will then receive regular V2 token payments as a reward for locking up your SPONGE. The V2 payments will be distributed over 4 years to encourage long-term holding and prevent sell-offs. Users will need to connect their compatible crypto wallet to the official SPONGE website.

The team behind $SPONGE has set several ambitious goals for the V2 token. According to the $SPONGE whitepaper, $SPONGE V2 is designed to be “bigger, better, and more absorbent” than the original $SPONGE. The new token sets the how to buy erc20 stage for additional development and the team behind $SPONGE has plotted out an aggressive roadmap, as we’ll discuss more below. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

  1. The Sponge (SPONGE) meme coin significantly impacted the crypto market when it gained popularity in May.
  2. The first step is getting one of the best Bitcoin wallet apps for your device, MetaMask or Wallet Connect.
  3. Excitingly, the developers have unveiled their ambitious vision for a play-to-earn game, offering investors an interactive opportunity to earn additional Sponge V2 tokens.
  4. The Telegram community surrounding the Sponge V2 project is increasingly optimistic about its potential to surpass its predecessor and generate significant returns.
  5. Although, currently there is limited information about the game, we can share some insights about what we do know from information released.
  6. However, given that Sponge V2 also has a long-term staking perk, early investors may compound their gains even further.

There are thousands of views and hundreds of likes and retweets for this project. It indicates that a new community has already started to form around this token. Now that Sponge is bridging from V1 to V2, people have more than a few reasons to stay invested in this token.

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The game will be available to play in a free demo mode and a paid mode. In the paid mode, players must pay $SPONGE to play and can earn 6 ways to get free bitcoin in 2021 guide 2020 more $SPONGE by climbing the game’s leaderboards. Then click ‘Buy’ to complete the transaction and add the tokens to the wallet.

Is Sponge token legit?

To stake your tokens, you must connect the same wallet to the Sponge website that you used to buy tokens from UniSwap. Achieving this goal would put $SPONGE in the ranks of massively valuable meme coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe. The developers behind $SPONGE are hard at work on a new play-to-earn game that will let players race around Bikini Bottom as Spongebob and friends. In the P2E version, players who climb the game’s leaderboard will be rewarded with $SPONGE V2 tokens.

From there, choose “ETH” and enter the quantity of SPONGE tokens you want to swap. Users can buy SPONGE tokens from the official website at , using either a bank card for the purchase, or by swapping either Ethereum or USDT on the ERC20 network. Sponge V2 has no association with Nickelodeon or their creation SpongeBob SquarePants. This token is simply paying homage to a meme we all love and recognise.$SPONGEV2 is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. However, traders should note that fees may be much higher when making conversions that include a chain of swaps. You will be able to access your V2 tokens once the stale-to-bridge phase is over.

With the current bullish sentiment in the crypto markets, SPONGE V2 is primed to gain even more popularity among the growing meme coin community. $SPONGE is a meme coin created around the popular Spongebob Squarepants character. It launched in May 2023 and nearly reached a $100 million market cap in the frenzy around its launch.

While the memecoin mania has gone, a new bullish wave is on the horizon. If Sponge is able to capitalize on the current macroeconomic conditions and stay true to its long-term goals, it can potentially explode this year. Beyond its staking perks, Sponge is also jumping into the P2E arena to offer a unique Web 3 game to its users. While Sponge maintains a follower count of just close to 30k on Twitter, it is significant considering it is a project that came out of nowhere.

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The new V2 token promises to deliver even bigger returns for investors through major listing exchanges, a play-to-earn game, and more absorption. Right now, new investors can double their investment with a 100% purchase bonus in V2 tokens. So, don’t miss this chance to buy $SPONGE V2 before it officially launches and starts soaking up the damp. It could blow past a $100 million market cap—already an 8x gain—and climb into the ranks of the largest meme coins.

The remaining tokens will be allocated for staking income, CEX liquidity, and play-to-earn rewards. Sponge V2 is a brand-new meme coin and is the second version of Sponge, a popular meme coin that gained significant attention in May 2023. The project utilizes the beloved cartoon character SpongeBob as its mascot.

The anticipated staking rewards and planned play-to-earn features are lucrative opportunities for investors. Considering that SPONGE V1 was one of the most successful meme coins of 2023, we are very excited to see what happens on the launch of SPONGE V2. Although, past performance should never be indicative of future results, we feel that SPONGE V2 could follow the same suite as the likes of PEPE 2.0. This is mainly due to there still being a supportive community backing, with the project firmly holding over $10 million market cap and thousands of token holders. SPONGE still has a market cap of over $10 million, which shows that the community is still strong. It also shows that there are many holders of the token, even after reaching all time highs.

The V2 token is an update on $SPONGE that’s being issued as the project comes close to selling out its remaining V1 tokens. The only way to get V2 tokens is by permanently locking V1 tokens, ensuring that V2 slowly becomes the sole token of the $SPONGE community. It’s listed on 10 crypto exchanges including LBank, MEXC, Poloniex, Toobit, CoinW, BTCEX,, BitMart, Bitget, and BitKan. Remember, transaction times and fees may vary due to Ethereum network congestion.

Now, $SPONGE is back with a V2 token that promises to be bigger, better, and more absorbent. The existing community, established relationships with tier-one exchanges, and a proven ability to create hype and FOMO further strengthen the investment case. A robust Bitcoin (BTC) market often pulls the rest of the crypto market along. In previous bull runs, we’ve seen investors how defi services will replace banking applications who’ve made profits from large-cap coins cycle their earnings into more speculative investments, such as the best meme coins. 2024 is anticipated to be a significant year for the crypto market, potentially billions of dollars flowing into the ecosystem. This influx of capital could trickle down into meme coins like $SPONGE, potentially driving its price to new heights.

SPONGE V2 Tokenomics

On the official website users can choose to swap Ethereum or USDT tokens in exchange for SPONGE. Listings on either exchange would likely send the price of $SPONGE shooting higher. Binance recently listed the $ORDI meme coin and saw the token’s price spike 120% after listing.

We aim to provide an easy and accessible investment experience for all investors, regardless of expertise. Swaps are conducted on the Ethereum network, meaning users will need to use ETH or USDT on the ERC20 network. Additionally, the SPONGE team has given the option to buy SPONGE using card payment.

The reason for this stake-to-bridge model is that the project is incorporating added play-to-earn utility and staking rewards. SPONGE V2 has a dedicated roadmap which includes 3 stages in the development of the project and its new features. Click ‘Stake $SPONGE’ to permanently stake and lock the purchased V1 tokens to the new V2 smart contract. When $SPONGE V2 launches, these locked tokens will generate staking rewards paid in V2 tokens to the connected crypto wallet. Buying $SPONGE V1 tokens through the project site qualifies investors for a 100% purchase bonus in V2 tokens.


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